Finland is known for design, engineering skills and the quality made in Finland – it is the high tech leader in the North and home for biggest data centers in the world. By selecting Finland as the location for data center and cloud services you can trust that everything works here and you can feel that people are committed to your target and design is world class.

From Finland you fill find

  • One of the most cost-efficient and highly trained engineers in the Europe
  • Ready design options for the most environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient data centers
  • Shortest fibre access to Russia and through Russia to Asia and direct fibres to Nordics, Germany, Baltic states and Central Europe and US
  • One of the most stable electricity grid and fibre networks in the world
  • Safety solutions from leading IT security companies
  • Competitive energy prises and additional profit by selling the excess heat to reusage
  • A lot of space with reasonable land prise and easy access to grid and fibres
  • Global scale neighbours that enable ecosystem with low latency integrations from East to West
  • Active startup genre in fields of machine learning, cloud automation, robotics, games and energy efficiency

Many have chosen Finland by being closer to Asia and Russia from Europe and by having sustainable options for large scale data centers. Some have chosen it as the innovation hub and some simply because it is cold and Finland has the best options for heat re-usage in city heating networks. Some have selected Finland in order to save in energy costs and some by using benefits of the cold climate for cooling purposes.







Key benefits for choosing Finland as location

  • Low TCO due to free cooling, clean air, cost efficient resources and smart modular solutions
  • 99,99982% grid reliability enabling savings in backup power and operations
  • Great renewable energy options – one of the lowest CO2 footprints in the world
  • 50% lower energy cost than in Germany
  • World class connectivity East and West
  • Top high tech education and skills but with lower employment costs than in Central Europe
  • Cost efficient to invest and operate – a lot of free space
  • Lower company tax structure in average than in EU or OECD countries

Did you know that energy cost in Finland

is about 50% LESS than in Germany?


FIN 0,066 € / kWh    VS    GER 0,132 € / kWh

Nominations for Finland

  • Selected as the most stable economy in the world
  • The happiest people in the world
  • Best school system in the world
  • The least corrupted ecosystem in the world
  • Privacy for information
  • The most stable grid
  • The most safe geological location with solid rock bed
  • Perfect location also for underground data centers

Unique opportunities in Finland

Waste heat reusage is a great potential and already reality in Finland. Most cities in Finland have district heating network and by feeding excess heat from data center to city heating network you can make additional profit and lower your net CO2 footprint and have better ERF (Energy reusage factor). This is Win-Win deal for both data center operator and building owner. For example Yandex data center reduced 40% of energy usage and CO2 footprint in Mäntsälä city heating network.

Finland is the direct gateway between East and West and gateway to Arctic sea cables: we are located directly next to Russia and then naturally connected between Europe, USA and Asia. North Finland is also one the closest landing points for Arctic sea cables like Rotacs that will be built to connect Europe and Asia directly. But already today we offer direct access through Russia to China.

More and more companies are selecting Finland as their location for data center and cloud services.

Free cooling saves energy and costs

Cool climate and pure air including numerous of clean lakes and rivers gives many cost effective possibilities for cooling of Data Center servers. Due to cool climate the need to invest to mechanical cooling systems is lower and warm periods are short in Finland.

UP TO 50% IN





Waste Heat, The Product for Sale

District Heating

Finland has a district heating system in almost in every town. This creates an excellent possibility to re-use waste heat from Data Centers.

Yandex – the Russian search engine, has built Data Center in Mäntsälä, Southern Finland. Yandex sells its waste heat to local utility Nivos. Nivos primes waste heat with help of heat pumps suitable for the district heating network for Mäntsälä’s consumers.

This is an excellent showcase of the ”win win” trade for the waste heat use. In addition of use DCs waste heat as a energy source, they can lower their carbon footprint remarkably.



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