Confirmed speakers 2021

Reidar Wasenius

Master of Ceremony, Executive Director at Soprano Plc

World-class communicator with 15+ years of experience in international new business development, 25+ years in media, 30+ years in education and training and 35+ years in public performance professionally on stage.

As the Managing Director of FiBAN, Wasenius aims to ensure that cooperation is strengthened within Finland and internationally: “Besides working towards common goals within Finland, it’s important for us to develop our international collaboration. It’s rewarding to see how FiBAN is investing in cooperation in the Nordics and Europe.”

He is an experienced instructor of communications, media, digital media, and mobile communications. Reidar has worked in various parts of the world for companies such as Nokia, Samsung, Telecom Finland / Sonera, TEKES, Digital Equipment Corporation, as well as a number of domestic media houses. Reidar is also a skilled host and moderator especially for business events and seminars. His English, Finnish and Swedish are fluent and he has limited working proficiency in German, French, Italian and Spanish. Other languages he has elementary proficiency on are Dutch, Japanese, Russian and Latin.

Pata Degerman


Patrick “Pata” Degerman is Finland’s only professional explorer. Pata has planned and led several expeditions, which have taken him from the extremely cold polar areas to the deepest jungles of our world. Nine of these expeditions have been to unexplored areas. In addition to this Pata have climbed over 200 mountains which 22 have been first ascents (Mt. Sisu, Mt. Finland, Mount Suomi on Antarctica)

There are many parallels between how companies perform and how things are done on these kind of expeditions. Both are faced with unknown things, and to reach your goals, you need to be creative, trust in your team and even sometimes step outside your comfort zone. During the lectures Pata Degerman provides ideas and concrete tools for getting complete trust inside the team, setting the goals and how to achieve them. Through stories, pictures and videos from different expeditions, Pata will illustrated a variety of opportunities for new models of thought and action.

Juha Saunavaara

Assistant Professor at the Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center, Japan

Juha Saunavaara is Assistant Professor at the Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center (Social Science and Humanities Research Group). He has earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oulu and holds a title of Docent at the University of Turku. Juha has published in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes representing various fields reaching from Arctic and Japanese studies to history, geography and international relations. His current research focuses on infrastructure and connectivity in and through the Arctic, the development of northern and Arctic data center industry, regional development and non-state actors’ international cooperation.

Juha has initiated and participates in various projects based on the industry-academia-government cooperation and he is actively looking new ways of contributing to the Finnish-Japanese relations and cooperation. These endeavors will come together at the ‘Finnish-Japanese Data Center Seminar: Connectivity, Sustainability and Regional Development’ that is to be hold on February 8-9, 2021.

Bernd Kremer

Dipl. Ing., Head of Business Unit ONCITE Industrial, Rittal

2016 – 2020 Dürr Systems AG Global machine and plant manufacturer responsible for the distribution of the digital portfolio of MES and IIoT. Involved in the founding of the ADAMOS IIoT platform.

2010 – 2015: Setex Schermuly Manufacturer of automation solutions from MES and machine controls for textile production – technical director

2001 – 2009: iTAC Software AG Manufacturer and supplier of MES solutions. As Head of Professional Services, responsible for project implementation

1991 – 2000: Bosch Telecom U.a. Head of technical data networks

Mikko Viitaila

Regional Technology Officer (RTO), Microsoft Western Europe

Mikko Viitaila is the Regional Technology Officer of Microsoft Western Europe. His responsibilities include helping customers and partners unveil the possibilities of new technology and advancing secure and responsible digitalization. Mikko has more than 20 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity in both public and private sector organizations.

Timo Ruohomäki

Program Director, IoT and Data, Forum Virium

Timo Ruohomäki is acting as Program Director on IoT and Data at Forum Virium Helsinki, the innovation company of the City of Helsinki.

Anssi Kuutti

Business Director, Vincit Oy

Anssi Kuutti is a Business Director at Vincit. Anssi is an experienced software developer and systems architect. He has extensive knowledge about cloud based platforms, ecommerce, mobile applications and information systems.

Niklas Paasalo

Project Manager, Etelä-Kymenlaakso Vocational College

Niklas works as a project manager at Etelä-Kymenlaakso Vocational College and is responsible for technology development projects. He has developed the Green Data Center study module in international cooperation and was involved in building with teacher colleagues a unique DC learning environment.

Russell Lake

Senior Scientist, Bluefors Oy

Dr. Russell Lake leads the research and development of quantum applications at Bluefors Oy in Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Lake has worked with cryogenic nano-electronics since 2012 and has previously held research appointments at the National Institute of Standards of Technology (Boulder, CO, USA), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, CA, USA), and Aalto University (Finland). His team focuses on improving the cryogenic hardware of quantum computing through innovative measurements. Dr. Lake also oversees the technical direction of the Bluefors R&D hub at Quantum Delft on the TU-Delft Campus in the Netherlands.

Antti Vilpponen

CEO, Upcloud Ltd

Antti Vilpponen is the CEO of UpCloud. UpCloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider from Finland with data centres in 12 locations around the world. UpCloud aims to provide the best bang for the buck performance for SMEs around the world looking for the highest quality production environment for their online service needs.

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