Granlund specialises in software services, consultancy and design. We focus strongly on innovation and development and our aim is to create wellbeing in the built environment. Granlund was established in 1960. Today we have customers in over 30 countries and employ over 1,000 experts in Finland, Scandinavia, China, the UAE and UK.
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Today, Orbis Oy's core areas are RF and optical fibre technologies. In 2018, the company's turnover was nearly EUR 10 million. Orbis Oy currently employs 50 people, half of whom work in the production of assembled cables in Estonia. The family-owned company is now managed by a third-generation Linna-Aro, after Jani Linna-Aro started as the new CEO on 1 January 2019.
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Innovative strength has been woven into the Rittal DNA since its foundation. In 1961, Rudolf Lok Elektrogerätebau was founded in Rittershausen by the entrepreneur Rudolf Loh, with one simple guiding principle: “Enclosures off the shelf, immediately.” In its founding year it launched the world’s first standard enclosure on the market. In 1969, the company was renamed Rittal, in honour of its roots in Rittershausen in Dietzhölztal. Within just a few years, Rittal enclosures had become established as a global standard, and have remained so to this day.
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Brella is an event networking software to facilitate 1-to-1 meetings at largest networking events in around the world. Networking is a key driver for event attendance: by using an effective networking tool, you enhance the event value and give attendees and sponsors a great experience.