At FDCF we provide the ecosystem for cloud & data center business in Finland. FDCF - Finnish Data Center Forum ry is an independent, nonprofit association dedicated to drive data center and cloud business and to connect the data center field professionals together. It was founded in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland when a group of data center enthusiasts and professionals saw a clear need for a group that funds ISO standardization work in DC field and connects underground specialist groups together. Currently we have over 90 companies as members and we are growing up the base.

4 key activities of FDCF are

Networking Events

FDCF organizes various events and seminars in the data center field for its members and other stakeholders.

ISO Standardization

FDCF supports and funds ISO standardization work and development in the data center field.

Industry Representative

Being industry cluster representative and foster healthy development and regulation in the field

Support Education

FDCF aims to support and improve education and research in the data center and cloud areas.

Did you know that FDCF was originally founded to support ISO standardization in the data center field?

Ecosystem of FDCF

  • Creates business opportunities
  • Enables knowlegde sharing
  • Promotes it's members
  • Promotes skills available in Finland in the data center field
  • Makes awareness regarding Finland as the home for cloud and data center business
  • Helps to recruit and find specialists in the field
  • Assists international companies in getting established in Finland and finding partners from Finland

Members of FDCF include

  • Professionals in data center area in Finland
  • ICT service providers, managed service providers
  • Data center service providers, co-location companies
  • Tele operators, international carriers
  • Customer companies of data center, ICT and co-location service providers
  • Government agencies with connection to data centers, regulators of business related to data centers and cloud services
  • Standardization bodies in Finland
  • Industry clusters in technology and ICT services fields