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Finnish Data Center Forum ry

FDCF is an independent, nonprofit association dedicated to the data center professionals. FDCF provides the ecosystem for cloud & data center businesses in Finland. It was founded in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland by a group of data center professionals. Currently we have 10 key founder companies and over 90 companies as members and we are growing up the base.

FDCF organizes various events in the data center field for its members and other stakeholders. We create casual networking events and training seminars. Our goal is to create the right atmosphere for companies to seeze the business opportunities and to communicate across company borders.

FDCF supports and funds ISO standardization work in the data center field. Standardization is related to the intersection of resource efficiency and IT which supports environmentally and economically viable development, application, operation and management aspects.

FDCF is an industry representative for data center field an actively develops the industry in Finland. FDCF represents its company members and data center professionals.

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The Future Data Summit

Get insight into latest trends listening to the most exciting keynote speakers and network with colleagues in Brella

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Merry Christmas and Happy Networking 202

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Decisions of the Autumn Meeting

Thank you all participants! Here is the summary of decisions made in the Autumn Meeting. The

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