About FDCF

FDCF – Finnish data center forum ry is an association dedicated to the Data center professionals.

It was founded in 2014 in Helsinki, Finland by a group of data center professionals.

Our target:

  • To connect various professionals and companies that work in the data center field in Finland
  • To arrange events and trainings in the data center area for the members
  • Activate members to communicate accross company borders
  • To support and fund ISO standardization work in the area
  • Drive development in the data center area to a common direction
  • to be a connection point between Finnish and other data center professionals, customers and service providers

Join the netJari Innanenwork of true data center professionals. We connect the hidden resources together and enable communication and discussion. We steer development and standardization in the data center area…

Jari Innanen, Co-chairman of the board, FDCF



Currently we have 10 key founder companies and over 60 companies as members and we are growing up the base.

Members include:

  • Professionals in data center area in Finland
  • ICT service providers, data center service providers, co-location companies
  • Tele operators
  • Customer companies of data center, ICT and co-location service providers
  • Goverment agencies with connection to data centers
  • Standardization bodies in Finland

Some of the founding member companies include: CSC, Granlund, DCI, Rittal, Wakaru, Fujitsu, Coromatic.

If you are interested to join either as a company or as a professional: please check our page: how to become a member

Board members – FDCF

The Finnish data center forum ry association is a non-profit organization.

Members of the board are stated in Contacts page.




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