Join ISO 30.134 standardization working group for energy efficient data centers

FDCF’s key activity is to fund ISO standardization work in the data center field

FDCF is active in development and supports global work in making data center area more global and interoperable. Without standardization the market is not open and without participation from Finland it is likely that Finland becomes a separate spot in data center field.

Current funding target – ISO30.134-X – Energy efficient data centers standard – PUE and ERE

Currently FDCF is actively supporting and participating the ISO 30.134 standardization work and has sent and sponsored writer and representative from Finland to the international meeting in Washington USA on November 2014. This working group aims in standardizing energy efficiency in data center area. Key KPIs to standardize are PUE (power usage effectiveness), REF (Renewable energy factor), ERE/REF (Energy reusage factor). FDCF’s board memebers have negotiated rights for Finland to write the very first draft of ERE/ERF standard.

Join the working group

We are actively seeking for editors and commentators for this national standardization body in energy efficient data centers field.Anyone who has interest in either following the work or participate as a specialist can join the work as a person (professional) or as a company representative. No compensation is paid for participation – everything is done on volunteer basis – but anyone can join. In case you want to join – contact either Pekka Järveläinen (chairman) or Saana Seppänen (SFS secretary) and join the next meeting in Helsinki either over the phone or face2face. You will also meet all the key data centers contacts at the same time and most of FDCF active members.

Latest reports and meeting minutes are available for registered working group members. In case you want access to them: contact any people named below.

Main editors of ERE (NPUE) standard

The standardization working group in Finland (SR311) is managed by SFS (Finnish standardization body) and the chairman of the board is Mr. Pekka Järveläinen from Wakaru who is also member of the board at FDCF. Co-chairman is Mr. Jari Niittylahti from CSC (from CSC the board co-chairman in FDCF is Mr. Jukka-Pekka Partanen). Main editor for ERE standard draft is Mr. Markus Leinonen from Digitize Finland.

Meeting report from Washington, USA

Pekka Järveläinen wrote travel report from ISO working group in November 2014 in Washington USA. You can read it from Wakaru web site here..


Ms. Saana Seppänen
Asiantuntija, IT-standardisointi
Puh. 09 1499 3467
Suomen Standardisoimisliitto SFS ry
PL 130, 00101 Helsinki, Suomi

Mr. Pekka Järveläinen (chairman for ISO30.134 national board SR311 in Finland)
Senior consultant

Mr. Markus Leinonen (Global main editor for the new ISO standard for ERE: Energy reusage factor)
Key Account Manager
Seminaarinkatu 2, Intelli
FIN-87100 Kajaani
Tel. +358 (0)44 5513 831

ISO 30134 Washington

ISO 30.134-X standardization working body meeting in Washington, USA. FDCF sent Pekka Järveläinen to represent Finland in the meeting in Washington USA. Other countries included Germany, South-Korea, Japan, China, Holland, USA, Kanada, France and UK.

PJ in Washington








Pekka Järveläinen in Washington – testing the president’s role.

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