Energy re-usage standard in data centers is progressing by Finnish forces

FDCF is actively supporting global standardization work by funding standard writing.

FDCF founding members have negotiated Finland possibility to write new global ISO standard proposal for Energy re-usage factor – ERE (former NPUE). This new KPI will be part of ISO30.134-X standard group. The global ISO standardization body has agreed right to use Green grid documentation as basis for this new standard.

Work is on-going now by main editor Markus Leinonen from Digitice Finland. Chairman for the national standardization body is FDCF’s Pekka Järveläinen. Pekka and Markus prepared proposal for the KPI document for the Finnish national meeting.

SFS – The Finnish national standardization body arranged regular national meeting for ISO30.134 standard group (SFS SR311, ISO SC39) on 10th Feb 2015 in Helsinki. In the meeting it was agreed that ERE standard editing is continued by Markus and it will be ready for national commenting in April 2015 and then it will be distributed for global commenting latest in fortcoming global Paris standardization meeting in May 2015. Standard will be ready most likely during year 2016 after global comments.

Markus Leinonen (Digitice) , Pekka Järveläinen (FDCF, Wakaru) and Saana Seppänen (SFS) will present Finland in Paris standardization meeting and will write report to FDCF and SFS about the meeting and decisions.

Markus Leinonen, main editor of ERE standard








Markus Leinonen, main editor for global ERE standard in ISO30.134-X standard series.

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